5 Reasons Why Change is Good

5 Reasons Why Change is Good
We all know that change can be a daunting thing but it can also bring positive consequences that help us to grow.


How many of you wait to update your phone to the newest software version because you “like your apps just the way they are” and changing them would mean you may have to get used to new things? Changes like these seem nerve racking because we tend to only think about the negative. We tend to do the same things over and over again so when something interrupts out patterns and routines it throws us for a loop.


Think of changes that have occurred in your past. I am sure you can think of things like being dumped, getting laid off from your job or even changes in your diet to help you lose weight. While we may think of these things as negative experiences, what positive things came about because those changes occurred?


For example, maybe you found your new boyfriend or wife and are happier than ever, you were laid off but found a new position where your coworkers are awesome and the benefit plan is even better or maybe you lost weight because of your diet change and can now play with the kids outside.


Change is what YOU make of it. It allows us to grow as a person and learn from the mistakes we may make or the unfortunate situations that life may test us with.


Below, find 5 reason why change in your life is a good thing:


    1. Bye bye comfort zone. Life in a routine is easy but also BORING. Outside of the comfort zone, your assumptions are challenged. Your opinions, mindset, and belief system are tested. You have to push who you are as a person and what you stand for. This can be very hard but it can also help you better understand your values and what you stand for. You should step out of our comfort zone more often!
    2. Embrace new experiences. Change often puts us in situations we would never would have been in otherwise. Losing that job may force you to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people at a networking event or contact recruiters with whom you would have never spoken to. Accepting a new job may force you to move to a new city where everything will be an experience you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Force change and experience new things!
    3. Become flexible and adaptable. With change, you learn to embrace chaos in ways that seem out of reach but acceptable and achievable. Then, you are armed with more confidence and self awareness as you walk into the next uncomfortable situation. You begin to thrive in new situations because you have proven to yourself that you can, not only handle change, but take it head on. Learn to be more adaptable!
    4. Learn about yourself. When you are going through a transition, your limitations are tested and your learn to think in new ways than you have before. You find out what you can handle and what you can’t. Learning about yourself, including what you cannot handle, helps you to figure out a better path to take in life. You are open to the possibility that what you having been doing in the past may not necessarily be right for your future. Makes some changes and grow as an individual!
    5. Have some fun. When you are open to change, you are open to saying YES more often. YES, is such a powerful word that a lot of people are very hesitant to use in certain situations that test them. Wipe your reservations off the table and live the robust life you always dreamed of. At the end of the day you will have more fun and experience more things than you could ever imagine. Get out there, say yes and have some fun!


We hope this resonated with you as it has with us. We both have come to the realization that change, in any form, will only help you in one positive way or another. Adjust your mindset, go with the flow and allow change to happen.


Cheers to positive changes!


Sam and Nicole


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